7 Day Rental

15 Yard Dump Trailer 

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Dump trailer has large swing doors for easy walk-on and walk-off access. Dump trailer can be placed in your driveway, on grass, gravel or asphalt. We deliver/pickup the dump trailer between 6am-6pm Monday- Saturday. You will recieve a text message when our driver is en route to your location.
All dump trailers come with 1 ton of waste included (2,000l bs). 
Additional tonnage will be charged at $97/ton. 
Additional day will be charged at $25/day.
( If first rental period goes pass 7 days a new rental period will apply either 1 day, 3 day, or 7 day)

Prohitited items: Concrete, Paint, Hazardous Materials, and Dirt!

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