Nvidia Shines Bright Amidst S&P 500 Struggles in February While February historically spells trouble for the S&P 500, Nvidia investors have reason to celebrate. Over the past five years, Nvidia shares have consistently outperformed the index, boasting an average surge of 9.1% during the month, making it the top S&PContinue Reading

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) wrapped up trading on Feb. 6 at $26.57. Over the past 52 weeks, its stock price ranged from $25.76 to $44.33. On Jan. 30, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm unveiled its 2023 earnings report. In fiscal 2023, Pfizer distributed $9.2 billion in dividends to shareholders, translatingContinue Reading

ConocoPhillips Boosts Output, Exceeds Profit Expectations ConocoPhillips has been ramping up its production, leveraging its oil assets to respond to global energy market dynamics. The company revealed plans to raise production by approximately 6% this year, aiming for a midpoint of 1.93 million barrels per day (bpd). In 2023, theContinue Reading

Economists Urge Overhaul of Retirement Savings Tax Subsidies In January, two economists, representing divergent ideological perspectives, proposed in a research brief that the federal government discontinue subsidizing pre-tax contributions to retirement savings accounts. They argued that allowing individuals to shield their retirement funds from taxes predominantly benefits the affluent. RedirectingContinue Reading

Consumers in California should brace themselves for higher prices on beloved fast-food items like the Big Mac as the state’s minimum wage hike comes into play this spring. As businesses grapple with absorbing increased labor costs, Andy Wiederhorn, chairman of Fat Brands, emphasized the inevitability of price adjustments. “Someone’s gotContinue Reading

Investors are shifting from Tesla to Eli Lilly as the latter’s diabetes and weight loss drugs rake in huge profits. Tesla’s market value dropped by $210 billion (27%) in the first five weeks of 2024, while Eli Lilly’s rose by $140 billion (23%). Eli Lilly’s shares surged 5% on strongContinue Reading

Brunswick, the world’s largest recreational boat maker, showcased its latest innovations at CES, including the “Marina of the Future” featuring boats from brands like Boston Whaler and Sea Ray. CEO David Foulkes unveiled two new electric outboard motors, part of the Avator line, designed for smaller to slightly larger boats.Continue Reading

Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser plans to cut 20,000 jobs by 2026, saving $2.5 billion. Another 40,000 positions may be shed during the IPO of its Mexican unit, Banamex. This restructuring aims to make Citigroup more efficient and focused on serving multinational corporations. The bank’s workforce would reduce by 25%, leavingContinue Reading

The world’s largest retailer is committed to providing quality and convenience, boasting a location within 10 miles of 90% of the U.S. population, contributing to its impressive $611 billion revenue in fiscal 2023. However, shifting economic landscapes have affected even the retail giant. With rising interest rates post-pandemic and changingContinue Reading