Elon Musk posted on X Tuesday that he plans on moving SpaceX from Hawthorne, California to the company’s rocket launch site dubbed Starbase in Texas. Additionally, X will relocate to Austin from San Francisco. Musk cited a new law signed Monday by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, which bars school districtsContinue Reading

The sheriff of Butler County has confirmed that an armed officer confronted the would-be assassin of former President Donald Trump on a nearby rooftop shortly before the attack. This incident unfolded over the weekend during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Butler County Sheriff Michael Slupe, speaking to KDKA-TV, a CBSContinue Reading

In Butler, Pennsylvania, the aftermath of the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump has stirred controversy and raised serious questions about security protocols and responsibilities between federal and local law enforcement agencies. The Secret Service has placed blame on local police, asserting that they failed to adequately secure theContinue Reading

Fisker, the electric car maker, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This means the company is trying to restructure its debt and finances in order to stay in business. The impact on Fisker Ocean SUV owners is significant but uncertain. The car itself should still run and drive, butContinue Reading

SpaceX is nearing the launch of the Starlink Mini dish, a smaller and more portable version of its satellite internet receiver. Measuring 11.4 by 9.8 inches, it’s designed for easy setup and can fit in a backpack, catering to travelers, campers, and those in remote areas. The Mini includes a built-in routerContinue Reading