Tesla will lay off more than 10% of global workforce

Tesla Slashes Workforce by Over 10%, Prepares for “Next Phase of Growth”

Electric vehicle giant Tesla announced a significant workforce reduction exceeding 10% globally, according to a company memo from CEO Elon Musk. The news comes amidst a backdrop of declining stock prices and production challenges.

Cost Cutting and Increased Productivity Drive the Move

The memo, obtained by CNBC, outlines Musk’s rationale for the layoffs. He emphasizes the need to streamline operations and boost efficiency “as we prepare the company for our next phase of growth.” This focus on cost reduction is likely a response to:

  • Weakening Demand: Tesla’s share price has tumbled 31% year-to-date, potentially reflecting softening demand for electric vehicles.
  • Rising Competition: Chinese automakers, aided by government subsidies, are posing a growing threat to Tesla’s market dominance.
  • Profit Margin Squeeze: Tesla’s operating margin has shrunk, prompting the company to warn investors of potentially lower vehicle volume growth in 2024.

Deliveries Fall, FSD Price Cut Signals Shift

These financial pressures coincide with recent setbacks for Tesla:

  • Delivery Decline: The company reported its first annual decline in vehicle deliveries since 2020, with first-quarter numbers falling short of expectations.
  • FSD Price Reduction: Tesla’s decision to lower the subscription fee for its Full Self-Driving package contradicts earlier promises of price increases as the technology advances.

Future Outlook Uncertain as Tesla Navigates Challenges

The layoffs highlight the challenges Tesla faces. Disruptions due to geopolitical tensions and logistical hurdles further complicate the company’s path forward. Investors will be closely watching Tesla’s upcoming first-quarter financial results on April 23rd for further insights into the company’s health and its ability to navigate this “next phase of growth.”

Musk’s Message: Gratitude and Looking Ahead

The memo concludes with a message from Musk expressing gratitude to departing employees and thanking those who remain for their continued dedication. He emphasizes the company’s commitment to developing revolutionary technologies and the importance of employee resolve in achieving future success.

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