SpaceX is nearing the launch of the Starlink Mini dish, a smaller and more portable version of its satellite internet receiver. Measuring 11.4 by 9.8 inches, it’s designed for easy setup and can fit in a backpack, catering to travelers, campers, and those in remote areas. The Mini includes a built-in routerContinue Reading

Tesla Slashes Workforce by Over 10%, Prepares for “Next Phase of Growth” Electric vehicle giant Tesla announced a significant workforce reduction exceeding 10% globally, according to a company memo from CEO Elon Musk. The news comes amidst a backdrop of declining stock prices and production challenges. Cost Cutting and IncreasedContinue Reading

Investors are shifting from Tesla to Eli Lilly as the latter’s diabetes and weight loss drugs rake in huge profits. Tesla’s market value dropped by $210 billion (27%) in the first five weeks of 2024, while Eli Lilly’s rose by $140 billion (23%). Eli Lilly’s shares surged 5% on strongContinue Reading